Did You Know?


Native to the Middle East, archeological evidence suggests that humans have been enjoying pistachios since 6760 B.C., and almonds since 1400 B.C. Both pistachios and almonds are mentioned in the Bible and fed explorers, royalty, travelers, and country folk in areas from China to the Mediterranean.
It is said the Queen of Sheba fancied pistachios for their unique flavor and ordered them exclusively for herself and her court. Thus began their nickname, “The Royal Nut.”
In the 1960s, pistachio trees started taking root in California’s Central Valley. Today, the United States remains the largest producer of pistachios in the world with approximately 99% grown in California.

Fun Facts

  • Pistachios are part of the stone fruit family, and are closely related to mangos, sumacs and plums.
  • Pistachios are called “the smiling nut” in Iran and “the happy nut” in China because the way their shells tilt makes it look like they’re smiling! 😊
  • Pistachio trees take 5 years to mature and bear nuts.