Our Promise

We care for people & we care for the land.

Care for People

The Nichols Family proudly supports education and giving back, and both tenets are part of the company’s DNA. Each year the Nichols Family awards scholarships to local students who are either in college, or in the process of applying for college. Nichols Farms also makes it a priority to provide on-going education classes for employees and their families on the farm.

We partner with local non-profits working right here in California’s Central Valley, and NGO’s that provide services across the country. Whether it’s collecting food, raising money, or spending hours on-site volunteering, Nichols Farms employees are eager to get involved.

We’re proud to support NGO’s that share in our values of wanting to improve the state of our city, country and world. Nichols partners with organizations such as FoodLink of Tulare County, Valley Children’s Hospital, and The American Cancer Society.

Holiday Food Drive

Helping end hunger and food insecurity in our community is an ongoing mission for Nichols Farms. We’re proud to partner with FoodLink of Tulare County, and take part in yearly food drives. Our largest donation to date amounted to 8,000 cans and $40,000 for the local nonprofit.

Valentine’s Day

During the month of February, we make it our goal to partner with a local retirement home. The employees at Nichols Farms make beautiful valentines that we pass out to the residents living in our community.

Pi Day Fundraiser

Who’s excited about pie in the face?? Everyone when it means raising money for Valley Children’s Hospital! For Pi day we partner with Valley Children’s Hospital, and last year we raised $2,300 for the kids.

Relay for Life

We walk for our community, our friends, family, and everyone who is battling cancer. Last year, we raised $3,500 and walked for 24 hours to raise awareness and support for cancer patients and survivors.

Care for the Land

Our interdependence with the land is something we greatly value and never take for granted. We understand the importance of keeping land nutrient and mineral dense for each generation to come. We use our natural resources sparingly and try to continuously do more with less. Currently, we hone the power of solar energy, and turn our organic waste into natural fertilizer. We also recycle our water and use drip irrigation because it is the most efficient watering method.

Solar Power

Since 2010, we have harnessed solar energy by generating 2.6 MkWhours of electricity annually. Our state-of-the-art solar farm is located on six acres of property adjacent to our offices.

Water Recycling

We recycle 100% of the water used during harvest to irrigate our almonds and pistachio crops. The recycled water is very high in potassium and nitrogen, both very valuable plant nutrients. The annual water requirement is supplemented with this water during harvest, and our subsequent fertilizer applications the following year are reduced.

Solid Waste Composting

We partner with local farmers to produce compost by turning plant based organic waste produced at harvest into a valuable natural fertilizer. By doing this, the use of synthetic fertilizers is reduced, our carbon footprint is minimized, and we’ve created a product that is in high demand by organic and conventional farmers.

Drip Irrigation

100% of our orchards are drip irrigated, which is the most efficient method of applying water to almond and pistachio trees. We’ve adopted strict water budgeting, along with plant-based water stress measurements to ensure we use the least amount of water possible. We’re also using technology to save water on our own farm and are sharing what we’ve learned with our fellow farmers.

Material Recycling

We recycle OCC, plastics, and wood pallets. Future Valley residents will benefit from our recycling program because of reduced energy consumption, less pressure on landfills, and cleaner air.

Sustainable farming
is part of our nature.

We are proud supporters and members of the following associations: