We care for people & we care for the land.

Care for people.

Nichols Farms is founded on the mutual success of the entire Nichols Farms family – from our team members to the suppliers we work with. From serving our community’s non-profits together, offering scholarship opportunities, or simply treating each other as we want to be treated… we want to be known for how we care for people. It’s the right thing to do, and it fits with our mission to be the company that everyone wants to be a part of.

Care for the land.

Our interdependence with the land is something we greatly value and never take for granted. We understand the importance of keeping land nutrient and mineral dense for each generation to come. We use our natural resources sparingly and try to continuously do more with less. Currently, we hone the power of solar energy, and turn our organic waste into natural fertilizer. We also recycle our water and use drip irrigation because it is the most efficient watering method.


Our solar farm harnesses the strength of the Central Valley sunshine, and it powers much of our farm operation.


We recycle 100% of the water we use during harvest, and re-purpose it for irrigation water.

Solid Waste Composting

Compost comes from plant scraps gathered during harvest, and it’s then used as natural fertilizer.

Material Recycling

We reduce, re-use, and recycle up and down our supply chain to keep our promise.

Our Family Values


We love what we do, and we love sharing our passion for farming with you!


Doing right by our customers, employees, and by the land has always been the most important to us. That’s what our grandfather, Graydon “Nic” Nichols, instilled in us long ago.


Nichols Farms is built on respect. From partnerships with our packaging and ingredient suppliers, to our customers, to how we utilize the land – respect is always at the forefront of our relationships.
Sustainable farming is part of our nature.
We are proud supporters and members of the following associations: