We’ve been farming for over 60 years.
Nichols Farms has a rich history in Hanford, the heart of Central California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. Our grandfather, ‘Nic,’ was one of the first pistachio and almond farmers to take root in the Central Valley. Today, our fourth-generation farm is committed to delivering natural and healthy nuts from our trees to your table. We continue to teach each member of our family the gold standard in farming and roasting processes, because that’s what makes our pistachios and almonds so flavorful. With over 60 years of knowledge and experience, we are confident you’ll be able to taste the difference.

The Nichols’ Journey

The First Time

The Nichols’ story started back in 1942 when young Virginia saw a photo of three brothers in the Fresno Bee paper who were serving in World War II. Little did she know she would be set up with one of them (Graydon ‘Nic’ Nichols) on a blind date 9 years later.

The Nichols Married

12 years later, in 1954, Nic and Virginia married and set out to fulfill their dreams of starting a family, and a farm.

The couple planted their roots in the fertile San Joaquin Valley where Nichols Farms was officially established. For the next 19 years, they farmed row crops, with cotton being the main staple.

Planting Trees

In 1981, Nic went out on a limb and planted the family’s first almond and pistachio trees, being one of the first farmers to transition his land to orchards. Around the same time, the 2nd generation joined the operation, farming the trees for his father.

Expanding the Operation

Big steps were made in 1991 when concrete was poured for the foundation of the new processing plant. The family was there for every step of the way. This building is where pistachio and almond roasting, salting, and seasoning takes place to this day.

Care for the Land

With sustainability in mind, the family invested in a 6-acre solar farm in 2010. This generates a significant portion of electricity for our processing facility. Sustainability efforts continue with water conservation and natural composting in farming operations.

Renewable Energy

Water Conservation

Natural Composting

Drip Irrigation

The 3rd Generation

Like father and grandfather, the 3rd generation joined the farming operations in 2013, carrying on the passion for farming and great quality pistachios and almonds.

Growing the Name

In 2018, Nichols Farms announced a new product, “Nic’s Mix” which was developed in honor of Graydon “Nic” Nichols. Along with a growing product selection, the Nichols family welcomed their 4th generation into the world. 

Refreshing the Brand

A new look was launched for the family farm a year later. With the same great product and taste, the packaging highlighted Nichols Farms’ story, heritage, and values which are core to their operations.

True to Our Roots

Today the Nichols family is proud to provide a plethora of natural and healthy nuts that come from a deep-rooted passion for farming. We are true to our roots and are confident you’ll be able to taste the difference.