During this unprecedented time, we are so proud of our team members who are working hard to provide our customers with delicious and nutritious pistachios. Be well and stay safe.
Sincerely, the Nichols Family


We’re a fourth-generation
family farm.

We understand the importance of staying true to our roots. A passion for farming runs deep in our family, and we take pride in our hands-on, transparent farming practices. We respect our community and our land, and weigh integrity above all else. It is this caring and dedicated attitude that ensures we provide you with the highest quality pistachios that feed both your heart and soul.

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Feed your heart and soul.

Since 1961, Nichols Farms has been known for quality. That’s our commitment to you! We make our artisan pistachios and almonds in small batches so every bag is fresh and full of roasted goodness.

No Shell Pistachios

Being good stewards of the land is important to us.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

100% of the water used during the pistachio hulling process is used to irrigate our almonds and pistachio crops.

All of our orchards are drip irrigated, which is the most efficient method of applying water to almond and pistachio trees.

Pistachio Orchard Row

Natural Composting

We partner with local farmers to produce compost by turning leftover pistachios into valuable natural fertilizer.

Renewable Energy

Our state of the art solar farm is located on six acres of property adjacent to our pistachio fields.

We have a six acre solar energy farm that helps power our production.

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